"Welcoming the global investor..

.. to be part of the American market requires the perception that each case is unique. Choosing the appropriate legal model requires not only experience, but a lot of devotion and attention to the client’s expectations, which also become ours.”      Diane Nobile












Connecting is the concept. Protecting equity or optimizing investments are just pieces of a broad process. We understand that it is important to make investors intimate to the new reality, giving them the same confidence they have in other environments they are used to act. It is in this broad process of connection between the global investor and the American market that Nobile Law operates. This is the greatest benefit of our work.
We believe that a close working relationship between attorney and client is essential to quality legal services. Our size and composition enables us to offer the personalized services for each client’s unique needs. Integrity, experience and passion are the core of our practice. Our primary areas of practice are working with international clients, incorporation of companies, international tax, international estate planning, business law and real estate.

Our success is a result of hard work, in-depth preparation, creative thinking, and an acute understanding of the law and our clients needs.

– Diane Nobile


We specialize in international corporations, tax, finance, international estate planning, business law and real estate. We are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For the international client, we understand that doing business in the US requires a law firm with knowledge, and a law firm you can trust. We understand those needs, providing individual attention, experience, and tenacious representation of your rights and privacy. We are a boutique firm that caters to the unique needs of foreign investors, non-resident aliens and high net worth multi-national families. Read More »

Real Estate Law

Nobile Law Firm offers personalized legal services to individual buyers and sellers, real estate investors, brokers, property management firms, lenders, landlords, tenants, and other real estate professionals. We are recognized for our commitment to clients in every aspect of the real estate transaction, including choosing the right corporate structure to hold an investment property, the international tax implications of foreign owners of US real estate, first time home buying, and elements of the real estate transaction that extend beyond the moment of purchase. Read More »

Business Law

We represent multi-million dollar corporations, as well as small family owned businesses. Our law firm is built on the notion of making companies strong through sound, practical advice, knowing that corporations are as powerful as the knowledge of those that lead them. You’ve worked hard to build your business and have strived to avoid costly legal mistakes. You need an attorney that you can trust, and that can advise you. Whether your company is a mid-sized or a large corporation, a local proprietor, an entrepreneur starting an exciting new venture or an international trade company. Nobile Law Firm will pilot your corporation on the right legal and financial track. Read More »

Diane Nobile

The founding partner Diane Nobile is a Florida based attorney with over twenty-five years of experience practicing law, as a trusted legal adviser to her clients, and with extensive, senior private banking experience. Diane provides a complete legal approach to new businesses and investors requiring legal guidance in the US.

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