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Every Real Estate transaction in Florida requires a title and closing agent.

Every property buyer has the right to choose a title company. At Elibon Title, we understand the importance of this role in your real estate sale or purchase.  We protect the real estate transaction and anticipate the unexpected. We conduct title searches, issue title insurance, manage disputes, maintain funds in escrow, and help close your sale with a win/win approach. Just as important, we explain the Closing transaction designed to give you comfort and knowledge of the process.

Choose to be represented by a team not only with real estate experience, but also one that has experienced attorneys to address title issues diligently.  At Elibon Title Services you can rely on professionals that have been handling diverse real estate closing transactions in Florida for almost three decades. Click below to learn more about our services.

About Elibon Title Services

At Elibon Title Services we make an extensive title search and will also protect your investment with title insurance so that the entire operation will carry no title issues to your ownership. Elibon Title Services will work on every necessary closing documentation for a safe and on schedule closing. We are committed to assure a simple and smooth process for all parts involved.


A Commercial real estate transaction can carry special challenges and complications that only experienced attorneys and skilled Title Agents can address. With Elibon Title Services you can rely on a professional team whose members have over 26 years of experience, handling the most diverse complexities scenarios in real estate transactions.


Buying or selling a home is a complex transaction. If you are entering a purchase process, you must be sure that the seller of the real estate you intend to buy is the genuine owner of property, and that no issues regarding the title may extend to you after the purchase. Problems with the title can and will limit the utilization of the property. 

Lender Services

For almost three decades our professionals have been working with the most important financial institutions and players, from large banks to mortgage brokers, always committed to providing accurate documentation and compliance guidelines

keep your clients happy


Choose an excellent title company to close your real estate deals. At Elibon Title Services our experienced team understands the importance of closing your hard-earned real estate closing to keep your clients happy. We are committed to provide a smooth and on time closing, preparing all necessary documentation and resolving all issues diligently so that the closing transaction gets settled on schedule.

About Diane Nobile

Diane Nobile is a Florida based attorney with over 26 years of experience practicing law, as a trusted legal adviser to her clients, and with extensive, senior private banking experience. Diane provides a complete legal approach to new businesses and investors requiring legal guidance in the US.

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